Book Review: Fates and Furies: A Novel by Lauren Groff

It has been a awhile since I have shared a book review with you. My last one was last September when I talked about The Fifth Child. At that time we set out to read JK Rowling’s adult mysteries. Arter reading the second in her series, my book club opted to read the first and then the third. I never shared these novels, because I really only thought they were ok. My club loved them for the most part, and I enjoyed them for what they were – quick mysteries to read, but that was all.

Fates and Furies

Then we set out to read Fates and Furies

Book Review: Fates and Furies: A Novel by Lauren Groff

This book was fantastic! Really a great read! I admit when I first started reading it we were in the car heading out on a road trip with the kids. And I was like, “Oh! What kind of book is this?!?” It starts out a bit risque! Before we read the book, one of the readers described it as a, “He said, she said” novel set about a 20+ year marriage. It was so much more than that.

This is the story of Lotto and Mathilde. They meet the last month of college and quickly get married. The story follows through the eyes of Lotto as they set off to New York where Lotto spends years trying to make it as an actor. Mathilde’s job is barely keeping them afloat. The golden child, Lotto, an heir to a water bottling fortune, is cut off by his mother when he married Mathilda. Eventually their finances begin to turn around. All through the thick and thin of their life, their friends and Lotto’s younger sister and Aunt are part of the party that Lotto constantly seems to be the center of. Lotto is a vey charismatic character that others are drawn to. Lotto believes that he is fated greatness.

Then we hit the second part of the book, Furies, and we learn so much more about Mathilda. Her love and devotion to Lotto is real but there is so much more to her character. Like in many marriages there is the one behind the success that is more than just a cheerleader. While Lotto lives with his heart and life on his sleeve, Mathilda is a very complex character. There is so much in her history that shapes her as a survivor. But as with any great character the reader is left wondering about her motives, about her choices, about the very essence of her being.

I loved, loved, loved this book! I do not want to share more. The best part of the book is the Furies. While the Fates sets up the story, introduces the characters, and lays the groundwork; Furies fills in the blanks that you didn’t even know existed.

This book gave us so much to discuss! Yes, we talked about the book and the characters for over an hour at our last book club. If you like complex characters this is a book for you!

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30 Replies to “Book Review: Fates and Furies: A Novel by Lauren Groff”

  1. There are plenty of situations that I appreciate a quick mystery to enjoy. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. No way! My friend is reading this book. I am sending her a link to your post.

    1. Oh – I would love to hear what she thinks of it!

  3. Looking forward to reading this book. Your review sold me!

    1. You will really like it!

  4. I just joined a book club and I’m so excited! Love the review, I’ll put it on my list.

    1. So glad to hear you joined a book club! What are you currently reading?

  5. I’ve been looking for new books to read and this one sounds very interesting! I’m going to add it to my list to check out!! Thanks for helping me find a new read!

    1. Let me know what you think if you decide to read it.

  6. It’s hard to resist a book when the review starts with the word fantastic. Sounds like a great read!

    1. One of my favorites!

  7. This sounds like a great read! I am actually looking for a new novel to read. I thought about JK Rowling’s books, but I’m not sure what to expect from them because I love Harry Potter so much. I think I will look for this one!

    1. I really loved the Harry Potter’s series as well. Most the book club enjoyed the mysteries – that is why we read all three. We read them out of order. 2, then 1, then 3. I did enjoy the first book in the series. Number 2 was just bizarre, and three was just “eh”.

  8. I love this book. Read it not too long ago – the author is fab and I’ve read much of her work!

    1. I am going to have to check out some of her other titles. This one was a first of her writing for me to read,

  9. This sounds like my kind of book! I have always wanted to be in a book club, it sounds like a blast!

    1. A book club keeps me reading! And I love to read, but life gets so busy. It is nice to have a reason to have to read. 🙂

  10. Sounds like a great read! I need to add it to my list.

    1. Let me know what you think!

  11. This sounds really interesting. I am looking for a new book and I may have to add this to my list.

    1. It’s a good one!

  12. Furies as in the Greek mythological archetypal furies? This sounds like it is up my street then would you say it is kind of similar to Starcrossed if you have read it?

    1. I have not read Starcrossed. But this Furies as in vengefulness. I need to look into Starcrossed!

  13. Sounds interesting! I think books that dive into the inner workings of relationships are so captivating!

    1. There is much much to relationships, and this one covers that background of what makes us who we are.

  14. Hmm, this sound like something I would totally pick up!
    The little risqué part has me intrigued… normally I just read kids books so this would be totally different then what I normally read.

    1. Lol! This is not one for the kiddos. I hope you find time for yourself.

  15. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says: Reply

    That sounds like a great read. I will be sure to grab a copy so I can check it out.

    1. Let me know what you think!

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