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Beginner Triathlon Training Schedule

It is time to get back into the game! I just officially signed up for two local events. Next fall I will be completing  a bike tour on a Saturday and then a half marathon on Sunday – both events are on  the same weekend. I know, this is not a triathlon. I will be finding a triathlon to sign up for as well.

Thanks to my daughter Nicole – I am back training. Nicole has been asking me if we can do another triathlon together. We did one a number of years ago together and it is time for a repeat!

Lavaman Triathlon

While she was home for Christmas break I promised her that we would find one that we can complete together. Really, when your daughter wants to undertake such an event with her mom – how do you say no?

Plus the fact that I am a person that if I do not have an event on the calendar – I skip working out. So right now, I have put two events on the calendar, and I am officially back training.

So Nicole, it is time to train!

Beginner Triathlon Training Schedule

January Workout Calendar copy

It feels great to be back in the gym and in the pool. I will admit – I am taking it really easy these first few weeks. I am not focusing on intensity at all for right now. Right now it is all about getting my body back moving! Please note, I am not a fitness trainer, and this calendar is built by me. I have done a number of triathlons in the past with distances ranging from sprint to half-iron, and I know what I need to do to get me to the finish line.  May calendars will reflect the workouts that I will be doing to get myself there.

If you have ever thought about doing a triathlon, just know that you can do it! If I can – so can you! It does take planning, persistence, and a commitment to train – but once those are in place… You got it!

Lavaman Finish

And even if you don’t want to officially complete a triathlon – feel free to print out this January Workout Calendar and modify it as you want! I will also be doing my core exercises. But I will talk about that more next Tuesday. Right now I am taking baby steps and just moving my body.

Happy training Tuesday! Come and join the fun with us! Once we find a triathlon that we can both attend. I will let you know which one we are signed up for. Maybe we will see you there!


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  1. I’m really impressed by your effort toward this! It’s definitely inspiring me to start just a basic workout schedule, I wish that one day I could work up to a triathlon!

  2. I love that you will be doing this with your daughter! What a special thing to tackle together!

  3. This sounds fun. What a great time to bond with your daughter. Good luck to you both.

  4. Stacey that is so awesome! I would love to do a tri but there’t the little part called swimming. Stops me every time. Keep us updated on your training.

  5. Best of luck your training. I think it would be neat to participate in that one day. Great bonding experience!

  6. Wow! I admire your determination. I wish you luck with your training.

  7. Love the dedication and organization to help you accomplish your goals. I need more structure and systems in my life this year too!

  8. Love the training schedule! I’ve always thought about trying my hand at a sprint triathlon, but I have a hate/hate relationship with biking! 😉

  9. I admire your dedication! I’m training for a 10K and appreciate the effort it takes to train for an event such as a triathlon. Looks like you’re going to enjoy yourself 🙂

  10. It’s awesome that you are doing a triathlon with your daughter. I love how organized you are with your training.

  11. Blythe A. says:

    I love that you are your daughter are training together. I don’t think I will ever run a triathlon, but this does inspire me to create a fitness calendar.

  12. I can barely run down the street. lol But, I so admire anyone who can run a triathlon!!

  13. Debra says:

    I would really love to get into this more. I am going to use this schedule!

  14. Good luck with your guys training! It looks like you have a great start to your schedule 🙂

  15. Go you! Good luck with your training and I hope you find a triathlon to join, too.

  16. If I was more of an athlete, I would love to do a triathlon. But I’ll leave that to the more athletically inclined.

  17. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    That sounds like some hardcore training! I would LOVE to do a triathalon someday!

  18. I’m all about the calendar and to do’s for the day. I like your approach, just get your body used to the activity and then ramp up. I tend to do too much, then give up.

  19. Love the calendar – I can see how helpful it would be for those training and for those who want to up their exercise. I look forward to reading more

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