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Dating Abuse – Where to Turn?

Dating. What can I say? It can be wonderful, it can be hard, it can be crazy, it can be fun. It should always be safe. I dated from the time I was 16 until I got married at 24. Then 23 years later I started dating again after my divorce. I can tell you that dating as an “ahem” older adult is vastly different then dating as a young adult. Simply because you know so much more about yourself.

When you are young and dating you have a lot less dating experience. Frankly, you simply have a lot less life experience. Maybe this is why so many teens and young adults can get caught up in unhealthy relationships. Relationships that seem to start out with starry eyes, deep sighs,and butterflies in the tummy can sometimes turn abusive before a teen realizes how much control they have surrendered to their partner. Whatever the cause, the numbers of teens and young adults involved in unhealthy relationships is high! 70% of dating college age youth surveyed have reported experiencing emotional abuse in their romantic relationships. For many teens and young adults finding themselves in an abusive relationship (be it physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, tech or controlling situation) can feel like an inescapable trap.


In our house we have a lot of kids that are of dating age – five to be exact. So I was very interested in talking with Jordyn Wieber and Brian Pinero about Many people know Jordyn as the gold wining Olympic gymnast, but not many people know that she is now championing a cause against dating and relationship abuse. She is working with Mary Kay (Side note – I was a Mary Kay consultant when I was 18 years old!) to help spread the word about what dating and relationship abuse is, and how teens and young adults can get help. Jordyn and Brian (Director of Digital Services for the National Domestic Violence Hotline and its youth-focused project, are working together to empower teens and young adults in abusive relationship, help them discover resources available to them, and help them realize that they are not alone.There is important information in the following interview that Brian and Jordyn shared with me!

Boundaries and Balance

I love those words that Jordyn shared with my readers! If you ever find yourself or know someone needing help with an unhealthy relationship check out:



If you or someone you
know is experiencing abuse and needs help, send
the text:
“loveis” to 22522

When I was 18, Mary Kay empowered me to run my own business.
Today she is also working to empower young adults to know,
understand, and be in healthy relationships.
I am a Mary Kay fan!

Transparency of Medication Prices

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