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How We Deal With #SheetOutOfLuck – A Family Video!

This is a first. We have just created our first family “commercial”. When Angel Soft asked me if I would like to partner with them on their #SheetHappens and #SheetOutOfLuck campaign, I was very excited about two specific aspects of this partnership. First, they were offering a year supply of both Angle Soft bath tissue and facial tissue to one of my readers. How cool was that? Everyone can use bath tissue! And second, they wanted me to create a video showing how we deal with #SheetOutOfLuck in our home. That sounded like a lot of fun to me!


Well, congratulations to Robin on winning the year supply of bath and facial tissue! I know she was thrilled to be the winner!

And now our video…

This was most definitely a family effort. Olivia took the lead on creating the storyboard. Alyssa organized a sibling dinner that included filming time. The kids did all of this while Gavin and I were traveling in Ireland. (No, we did not leave them alone. The kids were staying with their other parent, my kids with their dad and my step kids with their mom.)I know they had a fun time filming, because I got to see all of the bloopers! Lots of laughs and many takes went into creating this clip. Robert then with the help of his roommate filmed his part sitting at his kitchen table in Hollywood. I then took all of the video clips and created our “commercial” using iMovie. That in itself is an amazing feat, since when I woke up Sunday morning I had no idea how to create a video from so many clips and coming from different sources, but by the afternoon the video was done. Yea!

Yes, this was a very fun partnership with Angel Soft, and I am very glad that they asked if I wanted to participate.

With 60% more sheets than Charmin Ultra, you will have lot less #SheetOutOfLuck with Angel Soft in your home!

Just a side note…
I am hoping to be back to my regular blogging schedule soon! With the beginning of school for my children and me, our schedules are more chaotic than normal. Hopefully in the next day or two, we will be more settled into our routines, and I will once again have time and energy to blog. I have a lot to share about our travels to Ireland, and I truly miss my writing time. So, please stay tuned!

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