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#SheetOutOfLuck? Not with Angel Soft!

With six kids in this house you better believe that we run out of toilet paper way too often! Uggh! Too many times I see this…


I know we are not the only ones. Right? It happens to you too! Doesn’t it? So why am I talking about toilet paper?!? Because in our house #SheetOutOfLuck happens! Which is why I am happy that Angel Soft gets that, and they are here to help with rolls of toilet paper that have 60% MORE sheets than Charmin -Ultra. When I heard that, I decided that I’m in!


No, I have never texted for more TP, but believe me I have had to holler out my own SOS to the kids- Just like the stories in these videos. Need a chuckle? Then be sure to check out these fun videos and Don’t Get Stranded!There is a whole assortment of 30 second funny videos depicting many different scenarios. I’m loving the dog one – If I could only train Lucy or Dakota. Hmmmm….  But wait, with Angel Soft I won’t need that! Or at least not as often.

Cute huh?  Well just wait, because this household has started production of our very own video showing how we deal with #SheetOutOfLuck. The kids are in on this one; after all, #SheetHappens to all of us. They already have their creative juices flowing, and with their talent, I can guarantee you it is going to be a great video!But even before I unveil our Positively Stacey #SheetOutOfLuck Video, I get to give one of my lucky readers a whole year’s supply of Angel Soft Toilet Tissue! That’s right – a year’s supply! One lucky reader will be experiencing #SheetOutOfLuck a whole lot less. And that my friend, is a great thing! Be sure to stay tuned for further details as they become available. In the meantime Like Angel Soft on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and share your own great #SheetOutOfLuck and #SheetHappens moments.And to all my blogger friends that are heading to BlogHer ’14 be sure to stop by and visit the wonderful people from Angel Soft in booth #201 in the Exhibit Hall. I will be stopping by, and hopefully I will see you there!

Disclosure: This post is bought to you through a partnership with Angel Soft® bath tissue paper. All content, thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support of Positively Stacey’s handpicked sponsors!

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