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Owning a Little Bit of Italy

Well maybe we don’t actually own a little bit of Italy, but we did just receive three cans of olive oil from our adopted tree from the Le Marche region of Italy.  Is that not cool or what?!


A family member gave us the gift of a Nudo olive tree adoption for our wedding.  That means that we have an adopted olive tree in the Nudo olive grove, and we have now received our first shipment.  We hold the adoption for a 12-month period, and the produce from the tree is ours during this time.  We are getting a winter and spring delivery of our olive oil.


This is one tasty adoption! I once had a star named for someone as a gift, and I once adopted an animal in a zoo. But other than receiving a decorated certificate and number for the star adoption; and receiving a certificate and good feeling of helping an animal with the zoo adoption, I have never received anything tangible.  With the adoption of an olive tree, we are getting some delicious olive oil!Now when we sit at the dinner table and dunk our bread into the oil from our olive tree, when we drizzle Nudo on our pasta, we treasure our taste of Italy. Thank you to our cousins for this really unique and delicious gift!

Buon appetito!



You can learn more about Nudo on their Facebook page

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