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Positively Busy!

You may have noticed that I have been away from the blogging world lately. Honestly, I have just been busier than usual. Which means late at night, when I usually start writing my blogs I have been positively exhausted!


I just finished teaching my last week of school.  Last week for this year’s school year – I am not retiring. This marks my 17th year teaching; however, this last year was the first year at a new school. Even with all my years of experience, every school has a different culture, procedure, and policies, which means I learned a lot this year!
This weekend is devoted to wrapping up the year; posting 120 grades, writing thoughtful report card comments, and celebrating Father’s day with a Texas-Style bar-be-que in our (still under construction) backyard with family and friends.
Monday it is back to work for a staff meeting and then a staff lunch here at my home in the afternoon.  I have so much to blog about, but until Tuesday – I will not have any available time. Next year I will be more organized in how to juggle both my teaching and blogging without having to let the blogging sit on the sidelines.
Last week I started a second blog devoted to highlighting my classroom and student work. The purpose of this bog is to inspire kids to keep reading, writing, and creating over the summer months (and beyond). If you are interested you can find it at


Have a wonderful weekend, see you Tuesday! Getting to those report cards now!

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