Eating Sugar-Free When Dining Out

A recent weekend get-away to Las Vegas including a lot of dining out for my husband and myself. The weekend was jam packed with hanging out with cousins, exploring the many casinos, walking for miles on end, and dining at some rather wonderful restaurants. My husband and I are not much for gambling. Other than… [Continue Reading]

What I’m Eating for Sugar-Free Breakfasts

Cutting out sugar has been challenging! I admit that I am dealing with cravings – especially chocolate. I simply love dark chocolate! But what has been easier than I thought it would be is starting each day sugar-free with an easy to make, fast in the morning, delicious breakfast! What I’m Eating for Sugar-Free Breakfasts… [Continue Reading]

New Year’s Fitness Tips from Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin

It’s a new year, and as you know I am focusing on cutting waaaay back on sugar this month. My Sugar-Free January is marching along and so far so good! It definitely helps to have a plan and a why. My why – why am I cutting out added and refined sugar is simple –… [Continue Reading]

Retirement Planning is a Women’s Issue

January is always a good time to take a deep look at our finances. I know that after the holidays and all the spending that was involved (Christmas for a family of eight gets expensive very quickly. Then throw in an 80th birthday party for my parents and a few days spent in San Francisco… [Continue Reading]

Enjoying a Cocktail (or two) on a Sugar-Free Diet

When going sugar-free, or in my case, cutting out added and refined sugars you automatically also cut back on alcoholic drinks. Simply put, cocktails, beer, and wine can be high in carbohydrates, and sugars. But what’s a person to do when it is still vacation and you plan a day in Carmel to lunch with… [Continue Reading]