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Getting Ready for Spring and Summer Entertaining

The warmer weather is popping up here, and this has me thinking about getting ready for spring and summer entertaining! Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when you think about the upcoming parties that you may be hosting. After all, this is the season of showers, graduations, Cinco de Mayo fiestas, pool parties, …

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Teaching Children about Money with Beth Kobliner and Kate McKinnon

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!” If I heard that once from my parents as I was growing up, I heard it a million times. Teaching children the value of money has never been an easy task! Beth Kobliner, a financial guru, has written a book to help parents teach their children about money. As much …

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Meatballs for Three Different Dinners #SundaySupper

Meal prep is easy when you start with these scrumptious meatballs! It is so easy to put together three different dinners that your family will love. My yummy meatball recipe is made into three different sized meatballs for three different dinners. Prep once and you will have the basis for Meatballs and Zoodles (or spaghetti …

Anthony Carrino on Spring DIY Remodel and Renovation Ideas
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Anthony Carrino on Spring DIY Remodel and Renovation Ideas

Yesterday, I walked through two Open Houses looking for inspiration. I love touring model homes searching for new ideas and easy decorating tips. These two homes were not model homes, but they were the exact same floor plan as our home. You see, they are right on our street. Both of them are across the …