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My Day with Oprah – 2020 Vision Tour

My Day with Oprah - 2020 Vision Tour

Wow! What a day! Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour event at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA. I was there with three friends and 14,000 other Oprah fans. I loved my day with Oprah!

My Day with Oprah - 2020 Vision Tour

The event was fan-filled, informative, and inspirational! The day included an interview with Dr. Dean Ornish covering four ways to un-do many chronic diseases (eat well, move more, stress less, and love more) and a chat with Kate Hudson. The day also included exercise, dancing, and mediation. But the meat of the full day event was working though a notebook to help all of us find the area of our life that we need to focus on to live a life of wellness. Helping us bring our life into 2020 focus.

Oprah, like me, believes that true wellness is the healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit. Have you seen my course, Nourish Your Whole Self? If not, then be sure to check it out.

My Day with Oprah - 2020 Vision Tour

My Day with Oprah

During the event, Oprah walked us through a workbook with exercises that asked questions in regard to our mind, body, and spirit. With the mind, we looked deeper at emotions, learning, and work; in the area of body, we answered questions relating to nutrition and movement; and with spirit, we reflected on purpose and relationships. The program was designed to help us determine where we should place our focus in order to help us bring balance to our wellness journey.

I need to focus on body. That is no surprise for me, as I have not been exercising the way I should. Ever since my knee surgery last August, I have fallen off my exercise routine. It is time to get back in the saddle!

My Day with Oprah - 2020 Vision Tour

My favorite moment of the day was Oprah’s closing story where she shared her own personal journey of forgiveness with her mom. Oprah’s quote, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be different than it was.” completely resonated with me. Oprah shared the story of her mother’s last days on earth, and she talked about how their relationship was always complicated. Oprah talked about being born to an unwed mother of 17 and raised by her grandmother until the age of six. When she was finally reunited with her mother, she was put out on the porch to sleep because this little black girl was not allowed to sleep inside the boarding house. That moment where her mother choose not to stand up for her six year old child, weighed on Oprah for a lifetime. True forgiveness came one day in the hospital as her mother lay dying.

“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be different than it was.”

Yes, I have been there with my divorce, and I can tell you that when true forgiveness arrives, a world of weight is lifted from your shoulders. It’s not an easy spot to get to, but when you do, the journey gets better.

I loved the day! It was fun, informative, inspirational and best of all is it helped me see that I need to focus more on exercise to help me on my wellness journey. I learned new lessons and my day with Oprah gave me the next steps of my wellness journey.

The day ended with a stadium full of attendees chanting, “I can. I will. Watch me!” Those are excellent words to guide us on our own personal journeys.

My Day with Oprah - 2020 Vision Tour

Thank you, Oprah!

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