Triathlon Training Schedule – Month Two

Well, I am three weeks into my training schedule and it is going OK. I have not stuck to my calendar 100%, but I am feeling really good about what I have been able to accomplish. Last night it was utterly cold out. I shivered waking into the pool area, and I was really not looking forward to stripping down to my suit and jumping in. As my husband noticed, the closer I got to the pool, the slower walked. Last night was just one of the nights where I did not want to exercise. Even though when the air is that cold, the water can be a nice respite. Those moments on the pool deck getting into and out of the pool are icy cold. But I did it. And it felt great to have accomplished my 30 minutes of lap swimming.

And a huge thank you to my husband who swims in the lap next to me. Having an exercise buddy is very helpful to keeping me going.

Triathlon Training Schedule - Month Two

My goal this month is to do better than last month. It is as simple as that. Each day I try to give it my best – some days I can fit in the training, and some days it really is just too hectic or I am simply too bone tired. But everyday that I get myself out there – I am one more day successful. The days will add up and make a difference. My hats off to those of you that fit exercise in every single day!

Triathlon Training Schedule – Month TwoTriathlon Training Schedule - Month Two

My reality is that I shoot for roughly 80% completion of my schedule. That would be 20 of the 25 workouts on my Triathlon Training Schedule – Month Two. I purposefully build my schedule fuller, because I know that life will happen. Even with the best of intentions, life can get in the way. But instead of beating myself up for the days I miss, I congratulate myself for the days I achieve. I look at each day as a new beginning.

What works for you? What keeps you motivated when you are tired and busy? I’d love to know your tricks to sticking with a workout schedule.

For a printable version of the calendar, please click here: February Workout Calendar. Next week, I will share some of the swim drills that I use when in the pool.

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