DIY – Backyard Pallet Furniture

DIY Pallet Furniture

It is amazing what can be done with pallets! This DIY Backyard Pallet Furniture is so cool!

I am very excited to bring this project to you today!

  1. Because I absolutely loved how it turned out.
  2. Because I love it when items can be repurposed in a new and creative way; and
  3. I’m not the one who made this!

My friend Nusheen created this incredible backyard pallet furniture – all on her own!

DIY Pallet Furniture

Isn’t it just the bomb?!?

Nusheen’s entire backyard is gorgeous and she entertains often. Her yard sets up against a hillside so as you travel back into her yard you will find a couple of different levels. On one level they have placed a trampoline – and this is one area that the kids love to hang out. To make it more hangout-able, is that a word? She decided to deck out the area out with some furniture for the kids.

DIY Pallet Furniture

Seeing that there are so many pallet projects floating around on Pinterest, Nusheen decided to make her own backyard furniture. I had plans for my flag pallet and a side table pallet project, so when Nusheen decided to order pallets off Craig’s List I told her to get three for me. Yes, you can gather free pallets here and there. And since she ordered, she realized she does have access to free ones – Oh well.  This bunch cost $4.00 per pallet and they were delivered to her home.

DIY Pallet Furniture

Nusheen started with the cushions. Since she did not want to make or have made custom cushions, so she went looking for the cushions first. These colorful cushions came from Target, and they were on sale! Perfect for a kids’ hangout area!

DIY Pallet Furniture

Then with the cushion demensions in mind Nusheen decided on the size of the benches. Cutting and reconfiguring the pallets a bit, she built four benches with backs, one end table, and one coffee table.

DIY Pallet Furniture

DIY Pallet Furniture

DIY Pallet Furniture

DIY Pallet Furniture

The project took 12 pallets to build and Nusheen spend about 5 − 6 hours cutting and building the furniture over about three days.

DIY Pallet Furniture

After they were built she added the colorful paint. One thing she says that she would do differently was to paint the pallets before she assembled them. With the different layers, it was challenging to get the paint in all the nooks an cranies.

DIY Pallet Furniture

I think they look amazing! And the kids love them. Having a totally kid friendly part of the yard gives the kids their own digs. What child would not want to hang out here?

The ground was also resurfaced with gold fines. Before the gold fines were laid down, Nusheen ripped out black rubber puzzle-piece mats that were under and around the trampoline. The black rubber mats were making the kids’ feet black and no one was happy with that! The path leading to the trampoline is painted cement steps laid side-by-side. They, too, were painted to complement the cushions.

DIY Pallet Furniture

It’s amazing what you can do with a dozen pallets and some paint! I love the colorful chevron pattern of the cushions. I imagine the kids will be creating many wonderful memories with their friends up in this corner of the yard.

Have you transformed pallets into something new? What kid of pallet projects have you done? Or hope to do?

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27 Replies to “DIY – Backyard Pallet Furniture”

  1. Wow I love it. The colors, idea, everything about it. Wow this is beautiful

  2. This looks so fantastic! I love the color!

    1. Thank you! I love the colors she chose as well. So kid friendly!

  3. Love your Yard, and the colors are so amazingly combined. I knew about this pallet furniture, there is soooo many things we can do with them. Awesome you are creating content like this, so people would feel more motivated towards recycling material!

    1. Thanks! This is my friends yard. but Yes I totally agree – up cycling is the way to go!

  4. These are great little patio pieces! Your friend should think of selling them on the side!

    1. Oh – what a great idea! I have another friend that was trying to get me to make and sell my flag pallet after she saw one in a store window.

  5. What a cool idea! I need to do this!

    1. My friend is very handy – but it did not take her long at all!

  6. This is SO cute. I can’t wait to have a backyard space to decorate. I love the colors and how everything is coordinated!

    1. It is so nice and bright! It makes if fun and welcoming.

  7. I’ve never even thought of pallets for future, what a creative idea! It’s amazing what some color and design can do to an area. 🙂

    1. Yes, this really made the spot a true hangout place!

  8. I really like the blue and green together! My hubs is working on doing some pallet projects. I’ll have to show him this.

    1. Oh, I’d love to see what he does. The possibilities are endless.

  9. Sheila Madrieres says: Reply

    That is fantastic !!! I love the colors too

    1. Thanks, Sheila. My friend did an amazing job!

  10. I love the cushions they really remind me of a 70’s sitcom which is great and the backyard looks fun too! I have always loved trampolining but I sadly do not have the energy for that these days!

    1. Thanks! My friend did an amazing job! The trampoline get used a lot for her children and their friends.

  11. I love this!! The color palette really makes the space, and I love how you took something ordinary and turned into something so beautiful and useful at the same time.

    1. And my friend that made all of this is so happy because the kids love it and really use the space to hang out!

  12. Really enjoyed this post. Love the way plain wood pallets were painted in a lovely color scheme. Excellent upcycling DIY project all-around.

    1. Yes, it is bright and colorful! The kids really enjoy hanging out there.

  13. I absolutely love your backyard furniture. I didn’t know you could use pallets to make furniture.

    1. Pretty cool, huh? This is my friends yard, and the kids love it!

  14. This is a stunning area, Stacey. I imagine you are a bit envious of your friend – I know I am. She has some mad skills and a great eye for color. This bright area is inviting for children and adults alike.

    1. Oh, I love hanging out in her yard! As I said she loves to entertain and she is very generous with her home – hosting lots of gatherings.

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