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Colors of my World – Painting a Wall Red

Paint.  I love the stuff!  With $20 you can completely transform your surroundings.When I was young, I was lucky that my mom would allow me to paint my bedroom walls.  When I was in high school I painted all four walls of my bedroom a bright yellow and adorned one of the walls with a wall-sized rainbow.  To make it bright and shiny, I used high gloss paint for the rainbow.  That, I am afraid, was a decision my mom regretted many years later when she went to repaint my room when I was in college.  Once my bedroom walls were painted I emptied my closet and painted the inside three different colors – red, orange and yellow!  I then ran out of walls to paint in my parent’s home.Fast forard to my first apartment.  This place, that was finally mine, had a baby blue bathroom.  Not my choice of colors, so I bought a can of paint and painted the bathroom fire engine red.  Maybe not the best choice – It woke me up every morning and I lost my cleaning deposit.

Then I became a home owner and my home was my canvas!  I have painted murals – the beach scene with rolling waves and palm trees in a basement; the horse’s head coming through a “window” cut out of the reclaimed wood used to panel my son’s western bedroom; the life-size appple tree, fawn, and white picket fence in my daughter’s room.  When the children were little, they loved having me paint murals.

I still paint walls. The mural stage is gone as my kids have gotten older, but color is everywhere in our home.  Having one red wall has been a standard of mine for years.  I have had different reds in different homes.  It depends on the placement of the wall in the home and how much light it will receive.  The color red is very changeable throughout the day depending on the light.

It was hard deciding which red paint to choose for this home. The wall I chose to paint red is a long wall.  It is the back wall of the dining room and extends down a hallway that leads to the family room.  You see this wall when you walk into the front door of the home, the lighting in the dining room is bright, but as you continue down the hallway the lighting gets darker.  All these factors made it a tougher decision.  I had little red paint cards taped all over the wall.

I finally decided on the color Sealing Wax by Martha Stewart Living from Home Depot in an eggshell finish. It took me three coats to get the coverage that I wanted.  I am really happy with the color choice. I know a red wall isn’t for everyone, but I have always been drawn to including one in my home.  I’m not sure what that says about me 🙂

Painting my wall red…





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