How Meditation is Helping Me

The stress in my life right now is over the top! So much so that sometimes it feels as though I can feel the cortisol piercing through my veins. OK, I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but right now there are a handful of big stressors in my life. First, we sold our home… [Continue Reading]

Bringing Fulfillment Closer to My Life

I recently listened to a meditation focused on bringing fulfillment closer to my life. Which of course caused me to ask myself, “Am I fulfilled?” That is a really big question! There was one point in my life where I wrote a piece on how I was living my purpose. At that time, I truly… [Continue Reading]

How to Live an Adventurous Life

There is no doubt about it, I live for adventure! Whether it has been swimming from Alcatraz, biking through Croatia, or living through a remodel – I am almost always up for an adventure. There is something about visiting new places, meeting new people, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone that speaks to… [Continue Reading]

Fall Travel Ideas – Close to Home or Far Away

I love to travel anytime of the year! As a teacher my vacations are tied to the school calendar, but one day I will retire and then I will be able to head out to explore whenever I want! Right now, there are so many wonderful places to visit. I love fall weather! Typically it… [Continue Reading]

Being a Patient Dieter

I am thrilled to say that I have achieved Lifetime status with WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers and now going as WW for Wellness Wins). As someone that has tried every diet out there – I really cannot believe that I have reached my WW goal and have sustained it for the six weeks… [Continue Reading]

Being a Patient Dieter