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Home Organization

Getting Organized! A 12 Month Home Organization Plan

This year I am focusing on re-organizing my whole home. Yes, I am starting from the top, working my way downstairs, and then out into the garage. Over the next 12 months I will be visiting every room in our home with the intent of purging, sorting, and re-organizing everything. Everything!  True story. About six …

Home Organization

Celebrate Earth Day with Tom’s of Maine Toy Recycling Program

It’s spring cleaning time! What is it about the newness of the spring season that has many of us sorting, purging, and organizing? This last weekend we cleaned out the garage and planted in our garden.  I gotta’ say – it feels so good to look at the clean and (mostly) organized garage – it’s not …

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Home Money Organization

Building a Family Budget: Getting Your Financial House in Order – Part Four

Just the thought of the word budget makes most people shudder and groan. Many people equate the word budget with diet – it immediately elicits pictures of deprivation. As distasteful as the word budget is  – it really is a powerful tool that helps you garner control of your money.What does a budget do for …

Home Money Organization

Setting Goals: Getting your Financial House in Order – Part Three

How many of you have seen the commercial where the wife finds orange money in the pocket of a pair of jeans as she takes the laundry out of the dryer?  The woman gently berates her husband for being careless with their orange money. She reminds him that this is the money that they are …

Home Money Organization

Organizing your Bills and Important Papers: Getting your Financial House in Order – Part Two

Paperwork – Uggh! It just never goes away!  Managing all of your mail and paperwork that comes into your home is part of managing your finances. And I must admit, I struggle with this! When I get home from work, I just don’t like going through the giant piles of mail that stuff our mailbox …

Home Money Organization

Knowing Your Net Worth: Getting Your Financial House in Order

  One of my ongoing projects is to help keep our financial house in order. When I was fresh out of college in 1986, I worked in the financial industry. My degree was in Business Administration and Economics and investing was my passion. I held jobs with Citibank; IDS Financial Services; and Bateman, Eichler, Hill, …