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Patrice C. Washington‏, Personal Finance Columnist and Best-Selling Author

Uggh, it’s that time of year again. the arrival of April brings that dreaded tax day – April 15th that much closer. I don’t know of anyone who really relishes tax preparation – it’s a lot of paperwork. Even for the most organized, it still requires making sure statements can be downloaded or received in the mail. Files sorted and tabulated. Final numbers crunched and in the end – hopefully there are no big surprises. Just a pile of paperwork to be completed for Uncle Sam.

Tax Time Well, if you have followed my blog long enough you may have read some of my posts around this time a year ago. This is one of the times that I like to do a financial check-up. Once upon a time, I worked as a financial planner and the habit of tracking my net worth (no matter the numbers), planning for retirement, and revamping a budget, are practices that I continue to habituate still to this day. Since I went through a divorce I will say that staying onto of my finances has taken on a new meaning. Managing money and monitoring investments takes time and know-how. I have studied, learned, and try to continue with sound financial practices – but sometimes making money decisions can be scary.

Which is why I was happy to have a chance to talk to an expert and have her share her wisdom not only with me, but with you as well.


Patrice Washington has lived the ups and downs of a real money roller coaster. As a licensed real estate professional by her sophomore year in college and a real estate and mortgage broker at 21 years old, Patrice took her boutique brokerage from the dining room of her 700 square foot condo to a 7-figure real estate empire by 25. After losing her fortune in the Great Recession, she dedicated her life to not just rebuilding and reinventing her own life, but helping the masses move from debt management to money mastery. Wanting to help others learn from her experiences, Patrice has been making money educational yet fun since 2003 as a nationally recognized best-selling author of the Real Money Answers financial series.

I had so many questions to ask! Especially as a woman. Even though I had a Bachelor of Science degree in finance I still allowed my first husband to make most all of our financial decisions. I think I was just too busy raising kids, working, and managing the home to really take the time. Plus the fact that he was the major breadwinner – I just let it go.  Whatever the reason, I was in for a huge shock when he left. And not a good shock at that! I know I am not alone in taking a back seat to a husband when it comes to finances. If anything, I really urge women to get into the know and be aware of their personal finances. All of it!

In the following interview Patrice shared some great insights for women. She talked with me about the different hurdles men and women face in their finances and how they can overcome them, what families still struggling after the recession can do to reinvent themselves and change their financial future for the better, and who is eligible to receive free tax services and where they can go for more information. Super information that we can all take a lesson from!

Personal Finance Columnist and Best-Selling Author Patrice C. Washington‏

I really hoped that you gained some helpful information from this interview. I love the idea of MyFreeTaxes.com for tax filing information and help. Tell me, what do you need to help you manage and take control of your finances?

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