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Buttery Nipple Cocktail #SundaySupper

Oh-la-la! Sip a sweet Buttery Nipple and savor all of the deliciousness. Ok, I know a few people that consider this a shot and not a cocktail, but since I sip my Buttery Nipples I consider them to be the prefect, “Let’s get the party started” drink as well as the perfect dessert drink.

As we know – this is the season of entertaining! There’s nothing like a good cocktail to welcome your guests to your winter dinner or party. In addition to my Buttery Nipple, my friends at Sunday Super are sharing some of their favorite winter cocktails. Today you get 16 winter cocktail recipes! I guarantee you will find one to love.

With something as yummy as a Buttery Nipple, why would you slam it down fast? This really is a sweet drink that is meant to be enjoyed. Two simple ingredients that can be mixed up ahead of time and then stored in the refrigerator. There is no mixing of drinks with guests in the house necessary! I simply make up a jar full of Buttery Nipples and chill in the fridge until serving time.

With this drink, a little goes a long way. So pull out your beautiful aperitif glasses and serve up some scrumptious Buttery Nipples to your guests.


  • 3 parts Butternut Schnapps
  • 1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream


This is a three to one recipe. Three parts Butternut Schnapps to one part Bailey’s Irish Cream. So depending on the quantity that you are making up – remember a little goes a long way – use the ratio of three to one.

For my six aperitif glasses I made fours ounces of Buttery Nipple: 3 ounces of Butternut Schnapps and one ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream. So super easy!

Buttery Nipple Cocktail

It is time to get the party started! Check out the many yummy recipes below from my friends at Sunday Supper. Thank you to Christine from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures for hosting this event.

Winter Cocktail Recipes #SundaySupper

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The Sunday Supper Movement is committed to bringing our readers delicious recipes that encourage them to gather and eat together around the family table. Search for your favorite ingredients on our Sunday Supper website. Also check out the Sunday Supper Pinterest boards for plenty more ideas and inspiration.

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  1. […] Buttery Nipple Cocktail by Positively Stacey […]

  2. I add vanilla vodka to it and it is delish!

    1. Stacey says:

      I love that idea!

  3. […] Buttery Nipple Cocktail by Positively Stacey […]

  4. Sounds good. I wonder how it would be with a scoop of ice cream? I love a cocktail dessert.

  5. […] Buttery Nipple Cocktail by Positively Stacey […]

  6. I have heard of these, but never had one! They sound incredibly delicious!!

  7. This sounds so fun and delicious. I’ve not seen the butternut schnapps. I will definitely be looking for it.

  8. I’ve never tried it! It does sound delicious.

  9. I heard of this drink but never tried it. It sounds like a great party starter!

    1. Stacey says:

      It is one that my girlfriends and I really enjoy during the holidays!

  10. […] Buttery Nipple Cocktail by Positively Stacey […]

  11. […] Buttery Nipple Cocktail by Positively Stacey […]

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