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 The Blog Migration Begins Today!

If all goes according to plan – fingers crossed – this will be my last blog entry using Weebly as my platform for Positively Stacey. I will still be using Weebly for my classroom blog, however Positively Stacey is getting a whole new look and will be coming to you via WordPress starting this Saturday.

Later today this site will be shutting down and going dark for at least 24 hours. Come Saturday morning though, you will be greeted with a newer and more streamlined version of Positively Stacey.

So, I am asking for your patience while the actually migration takes place. I have transferred all of my posts and reformatted the photos to work with the new platform. I will still need to go through once it migrates and check and fix many of the links.  All of my links within my blog (leading you from one of my pages to another one of my pages) will need to be reconfigured. All of my links that have been shared on Pinterest will also need to be reformatted.  My current pins that are out on many boards will take people to my new site, but not directly to the blog post that they are looking for. The best that can be done to accommodate this switch is to offer a redirect page listing my archives.

So many details to tend to!

In the meantime, here is a glimpse of my new logo:

  • Picture

    Be sure to come back Saturday and let me know what you think!


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