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Christmas Wreaths for the Bedroom Doors

I love holiday traditions! Those wonderful activities that we can count on every single year! They bring a sense of comfort and wonder to the season. Long standing traditions are a testament and reflection of family. When families blend, sometimes these traditions get tweaked to fit a “new” family, and sometimes new traditions are born! This is one of our blended family Christmas traditions.

Two years ago I walked up the stairs of our home and stopped and stared at four closed doors – three bedrooms and one bathroom.  Yes, I tend to keep the kids’ doors closed – I will let you guess the reason why 🙂 Well the doors looked so bare! It was Christmas time and the house was fully decked out with holiday decorations. With the whole house filled with red, green, ribbons, and tinsel the doors were barren. They were an empty canvas waiting for something. Something.

Ah-ha! Christmas wreaths! Each child was new to sharing a bedroom with a step-sibling. My three each shared with one of Gavin’s three. I thought a Christmas wreath would be a perfect way to decorate and honor each child separately and as “roommates”. I purchased one plain wreath for each of the bedrooms and rounded up ornaments and trinkets (that I already had) and decorated the wreaths to represent the children that shared the rooms together.

The kids loved them! I have added more ornaments as I find ones that represent each child.

Personalized Christmas Wreaths

Sophia the horse lover and Alyssa the former softball player share a wreath.

Personalized Christmas Wreaths

Olivia the black belt and Nicole the gymnast share a wreath.

Personalized Christmas Wreaths

Robert and Dominick both guitar players share a wreath.
Now when I walk up the stairs – the doors are festive!
Personalized Christmas Wreaths

 What are some of your family holiday traditions?

Personalized Christmas Wreaths for Bedroom Doors - Creating new traditions in our blended family

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  1. Great wreath ideas for the holidays!!

  2. What are really cool idea.

  3. These are absolutely adorable! I have never seen a hobby Christmas wreath before and I love the idea.

  4. Steph Jenssen says:

    Those wreaths are so adorable and sentimental! 🙂 I love the idea of putting one on each door!

  5. Awe what a cute idea – I’m loving the idea of individualised wreaths personalised to each person. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. i LOVE your wreaths – adding personal mementos to the otherwise classic wreath makes them super awesome. Our holiday tradition involves new ornaments every year – we try to find the quirkiest ones to add to are funny little christmas tree. This year, it was a pair of funky flamingoes! happy holidays!

  7. I love the idea of holiday wreaths on bedroom doors. I’ve hung them on closet doors before, but not the bedrooms. I LOVE wreaths.

  8. The idea of putting wreath on each bedroom door is really great idea. And those wreaths are just lovely!

  9. I love the one with the guitar picks and gold bow. I like that you personalize the wreaths to a persons taste

  10. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg loving all of these wreaths!!!! I totally slacked this year when it came to these. Next year it’s on!

    1. Stacey says:

      It was fast and easy once the idea hit. Especially since I used items that they already had to decorate with.

  11. These are awesome! Each one is so personal and meaningful.

    1. Stacey says:

      They really brighten up the hallway.

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