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My Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure? Do I even dare tell you?  My kids all know, my husband knows. They see me involved in this guilty pleasure of mine way too often. Daily? Maybe. At least a few times a week. I hate to think of the hours I spend participating in this pleasure. It really is a mind suck, a total waste of time, and do I really even have the time to waste? No, not really.

Like most of you there is never enough time. So where does my time go? Sitting on my bottom watching crime shows! Yes, that is true! I love to watch crime shows: Law and Order, Criminal Minds, Bones, NCIS  All of them. This has been going on for years.
My son and I used to sit together watching Law and Order when he was in high school. In fact when cell phones first came out with individual ring tones, I made my son’s ring tone the Dun, Dun tone from Law and Order. I usually traced my love of crime shows back to Law and Order because of the time my son and I spent watched them together. Yes, at times I questioned my mothering skills in the fact that my son and I enjoyed watching crime shows together! I hope that doesn’t sound too twisted. Cringe worthy for sure.But then the other day my husband and I were flipping through the channels and I saw, Murder She Wrote with Angela Lansbury, and I exclaimed, “Oh wait, lets watch that!” Only to discover that my husband, the total movie buff, had never seen, Murder She Wrote. Really? How about Hart to Hart? Columbo? It was then that I realized that I have loved crime/detective shows for years.


And those times that I spent watching Law and Order with my son back when he was in high school? That was not the beginning of our crime show love affair. I realized that we actually started watching crime shows together when he was only a few months old. My son, as an infant, would wake up every morning at 4 a.m. to nurse. I would gently pick up Robert and slip downstairs where I would nurse him while sitting on the couch in the den. After nursing my son would simply fall asleep lying on my chest. I would lie back on the couch, flip on the TV and watch, Columbo. Yes, every morning my son’s four a.m. nursing was followed with him nuzzling up and falling asleep on my chest as I watched a crime show! Maybe that is where our mutual love for crime shows started. Those early morning nursings and my first-born child sleeping on my chest are very fond memories for me.

Unfortunately, there are too many days that I still slink down on to the couch and numb my brain with a sick and twisted crime show. But one thing I like about those shows? 99% of the time the criminal is caught and justice prevails!

What is your guilty pleasure?

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