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The Surprising Connection Between Your Immune System and Your Personality

Living through a pandemic offers new challenges – worries about health, money, and relationships are just a few concerns we all face as we hunker down at home. Trying to stay healthy is a number one concern for many people. You might think that boosting your immune system is all about taking vitamin pills and …

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Seven Ways to Help You Deal with Stress and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you having a tough time getting a good night’s sleep? I know that many people are currently struggling with sleep by looking at which blog posts are gaining in popularity and the terms that are being searched for more often. Many readers are looking for ways to find better sleep. So today, I am …

Why You're Still Waiting to Get Started on Your Dreams
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Why You’re Still Waiting to Get Started on Your Dreams

Do you tell yourself that you’ll get started on your big plans at some future date? Maybe you tell yourself that you can start a business after the kids graduate from college? Or, maybe you’ll just wait until Memorial Day to begin your exercise program; that next fall will be the best time to organize …

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Let’s Kick off the 30-Day Thriver Challenge

I was excited and touched to be able to talk with two incredible women – celebrity fitness trainer Anna Kaiser (training Shakira for the Super Bowl) and Christine Hodgdon, Patient Advocate for MBC. These inspirational women taught me more about self-care and fitness as a lifestyle. The two of them are here today to share …