Red Pozole with Chicken and a Vegetarian Tex-Mex Quesadilla #SundaySupper

When I think of grilled cheese and soup pairings, I immediately have images of melted cheese oozing out of golden grilled sourdough bread sitting alongside my favorite bowl of Red Bell Pepper & Tomato Bisque. That combination is so totally delicious! Today though, I wanted something different, and I wanted something that would be Weight Watchers friendly […]

Two Ingredient Healthy Bagels

A healthy bagel? I love bagels – all kinds of bagels; cinnamon, blueberry, jalapeño cheese, and my all-time favorite the Everything bagel. When I can’t make up my mind, I go for the Everything! But even I know that a bagel is not a healthy food to eat. Especially since I love mine smeared with cream […]

It is time to Freestyle with Weight Watchers

It is time to Freestyle with Weight Watchers

I did it, I joined Weight Watchers! I hadn’t really planned on it – it just sort of happened. Flash back to last Friday when I met up with some girlfriends for happy hour. I am sitting on a couch between one friend that is complaining about her weight gain and another friend that is […]

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