My 2018 Reading List

This past year I was able to find the time to enjoy quite a few novels! Unfortunately, I never shared any book reviews with my readers. So I thought I would give a quick recap of the many books that I read last year and a recommendation rating. Some books I absolutely loved and some… [Continue Reading]

Five Days of 23 WW Freestyle Point Menus

Planning for weight loss means planning! Planning meals, planning grocery lists, and planning the cooking. Yes, it does take work, but we are worth the extra time and the investment into our health. So to help me and to also help you, I sat down and devised five days of 23 WW Freestyle point menus.… [Continue Reading]

Six Tips to Throwing the Perfect Last Minute Dinner Party

Throwing a last minute dinner party? First and foremost – don’t get frazzled! Take it all in stride and with the right, “I got this!” attitude – you and your guests will all have a fun time! Follow the following six tips to throwing the perfect last minute party, and you will be all ready… [Continue Reading]

One Pan Roast Pork Dinner

When you are looking for an easy dinner that makes the whole house smell delicious, this is the recipe for you! I simply love fennel and pork together. In fact this recipe has a mix of my favorite seasonings – fennel, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. It’s hard to go wrong with this combination! Add the… [Continue Reading]

One Pan Roast Pork Dinner

Consistency is the Key to Reaching Your Goals

Yea! I did it! One of my main goals with my weight loss journey was to maintain my weight loss throughout the holidays. Anyone who has struggled with weight loss knows how hard the holidays can be to handle.  After eight months, I reached my goal weight in September. While weight loss is hard, maintaining… [Continue Reading]