Meal Planning to Save Money

I am a huge meal planner. I have been for years. This really started out of a need to survive the evening hours – with kids in after-school activities and too many sports to count, working all day, and facing a hungry family – I needed to come up with a plan that did not… [Continue Reading]

Chocolate Coated Krispy Peanut Butter Balls #SundaySupper

Ohhhh…these Chocolate Coated Krispy Peanut Butter Balls are downright delicious and they melt in your mouth – with a little bit of crunch. They are creamy, crunchy, chocolaty, peanut butterey bites of yumminess. Who would not like these?!? This recipe has been in my repertoire of favorite sweet treats since I was in high school. Lets see…… [Continue Reading]

Planning the Perfect NYE Party in Three Easy Steps #BeThere #Text2Party

Planning a great New Year’s Eve party is really simple! Just think of it in the terms of plan, invite, prep, and enjoy. The first three steps lead up to a final step which is enjoying your very own party. After all, that is why we party, right? I know that’s why I do. I… [Continue Reading]

Don Your Ugly Sweater for a Donation to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Ok – this is a really fun campaign! I am so excited to bring this opportunity to you. Today is all about donning your ugly Christmas sweater and raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is a fun and super easy way to make a difference in the life of a St. Jude… [Continue Reading]

Mediterranean Shrimp Bake Recipe #SundaySupper

When feeding a crowd, setting up a buffet is a smart way to go! Setting up a buffet table not only allows for easy serving, but it also lends itself to prepping everything ahead of time (my favorite entertaining tip) and lets you offer a wide variety of menu items. This way everyone is sure… [Continue Reading]