Beating the Summer Heat with a Hike at Mount Madonna County Park

Sometimes the summer sun is sizzling hot, and no matter what we try to do, it seems like we cannot escape the grip of the scorching heat. When the weather gets like this, I like to head to the hills for relief. When my kids were little and we first moved to Morgan Hill, we… [Continue Reading]

A County Fair Picnic Party #BeThere

One of the activities that I love most about summer is my annual visit to the County Fair! This has been a looong time tradition. It is a tradition that includes carnival games, rides, a flower show, horse races, livestock viewing, contests, vendors, and food – sooo much food. Fairs everywhere are known for their… [Continue Reading]

Finding the Hidden Sugar in our Food

I admit it, I love sugar. All kinds of sugar – chocolate, bagels, French bread, margaritas, chips, and more! I mean just take a look at many of my recipe posts. You can find some amazing dessert, drinks, German pancakes, pizzas and more here on my blog. Yes, they are all yummy! But this is… [Continue Reading]

Skip and Go Naked Recipe #SundaySupper

Have you ever had a Skip and Go Naked? This sweet lemony drink is seriously refreshing and the perfect poolside or lakeside (just make that waterside) libation. I love this drink for a few reasons – first, just look at how fun it is. Seriously? Have you ever seen something so pink and frothy? Totally… [Continue Reading]

The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison: A Book Review

Way back in February I posted my 2017 Reading Challenge. I have been busy reading, and have knocked off quite a few of my selections, but I have not yet shared them with you. So sorry about that! My book clubs keep me busy reading – almost too busy. Can that really be right? I… [Continue Reading]