Asian Chicken Salad in a Jar Recipe

OK, I am going a bit crazy with my salads in a jar. But I gotta say – they are the best invention ever! My friends at work ask, “Why in a jar?” Well the answer is that it stores the salad perfectly! By layering the salad with the dressing at the bottom and adding… [Continue Reading]

Asian Chicken Salad in a Jar Recipe

Decade-by-Decade Financial Health Cheat Sheet

Saving money looks different over the course of our lives.  When you look at it decade-by-decade, our financial health needs change and grow. When I set up my first IRA at the age of 20, retirement seemed eons away. Now that I am in my 50s it’s looking to be closer and closer. Because I started… [Continue Reading]

Financial Planning

Creative and Delicious Infused Water Flavors

Sometimes a simple change can bring about healthier habits. What am I talking about? Simply adding fresh fruit and herbs to water, infusing the water with lots of fresh flavor, is helping me drink more water than ever before. I admit, I am a coffee drinker to the detriment of water consumption. I have tried… [Continue Reading]

Creative and Delicious Infused Water Flavors

Post Menopause Can Be More Than Hot Flashes

This is National Women’s Health Week, which makes this the time to stop and take a moment to think about our own health care. Actually we should be thinking about our health all the time, but I get it – life is busy.  Sometimes we push our own care to the backseat of life. Well… [Continue Reading]

Dr. Padmavati Garvey

6 Tips for Meal Planning on a Budget

I was recently asked by a young adult that is working and living on her own, how could she stretch her food budget all while making healthy and delicious meals? Hmmm… I had a lot of ideas to share with her. Maybe too many, I think I overwhelmed her a bit 🙂 I decided to focus… [Continue Reading]