September Week Four Dinner Menus and Shopping List

Autumn is officially here, and it is now the last week of September. I meant to get this post up yesterday, but at the last minute my husband and I headed out for a college football game – Cal Bears vs. USC. It was an excellent game sitting in the beautiful sun-filled Memorial stadium high […]

BBQ Pizza is so Easy with my Pampered Chef Pizza Pans

I was flipping through my photos and came across pictures that I took when I first received my Pampered Chef Pizza Pans. They were so bright and shiny back then! Then looking through my blog posts, I realized that I never shared how BBQ pizza is so easy with my Pampered Chef Pizza Pans. Easy […]

Thai Steak Salad with Noodles #SundaySupper

2017 is the year of eating healthy and losing weight. After a holiday season with lots of family, food, friends, and fun, it is time to reel it in. This Thai Steak Salad with Noodles makes eating healthy a piece of cake! 🙂 OK, not cake per say as in chocolate with creamy frosting, but so […]

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